Internal Controls

As your business grows and more staff become involved with the company’s operations, you may want to have an outside professional evaluate your procedures to determine if the appropriate controls are in place to ensure the protection of both you, your business and your employees.

With technology, governmental regulations and human factors, Guardian Accounting Inc. provides you with the recommendations that deliver the assurance of knowing you have the most effective and efficient systems in place to help your company become stronger and more profitable.

What could Guardian Accounting, Inc. Internal Controls Review provide for you and your business?


Framework for Internal Control:

  • Control environment – a sound control environment is created through communication, attitude and example. This includes a focus on integrity, a commitment to investigating discrepancies, diligence in designing systems and assigning responsibilities.
  • Risk Assessment – this involves identifying the areas in which the greatest threat or risk of inaccuracies or loss exist. To be most efficient, the greatest risks should receive the greatest amount of effort and level of control.
  • Monitoring and Reviewing – the system of internal control should be periodically reviewed. By performing a periodic assessment, it assures that internal control activities have not become obsolete or lost due to turnover or other factors. They should also be enhanced to remain sufficient for the current state of risks.
  • Information and communication – the availability of information and a clear and evident plan for communicating responsibilities and expectations is paramount to a good internal control system.
  • Control activities – these are the activities that occur within an internal control system.

Internal Control Review provide:

  • Segregation of duties
  • Proper authorization
  • Adequate documentations and records
  • Physical controls
  • Technological controls
  • Independent checks
  • Clear description of responsibilities
  • Inventory procedures and policies
  • Equipment procedures and policies
  • Employment procedures and policies
  • Training for compliance
  • Implementation follow-up


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