Why QuickBooks

QuickBooks is the ideal business accounting software for small to medium business owners. Whether you are a $50k or $4million dollar business, the investment in QuickBooks is a few hundred dollars. You can effortlessly generate the reports you need to know where your business stands and it provides many of these reports in a visual graph. QuickBooks is specifically designed to be flexible and adaptable to a wide range of businesses and has recently added customizable accounting packages for Contractors, Retailers, Health Care Professionals and Non-Profit organizations.

Data is easily shared between QuickBooks and many popular programs, such as Microsoft Excel, Word and Outlook. This accessibility allows you to get paid faster by e-mailing an invoice or statement and can accept credit cards. The integration with QuickBooks Merchant Account Service means you don’t have to enter the transactions twice and no additional software or hardware is required.

Online Banking is another popular feature with QuickBooks. Setup your current bank account in QuickBooks and you are able to pay your bills with stamps or paper checks. Additionally, you can also download your monthly bank statement for ease of reconciliation.

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QuickBooks Setup

QuickBooks is designed for a layman to understand, but installation and the initial setup is crucial in order for the reporting of the information to be accurate. You need to ensure that you are setting up the correct business structure and chart of accounts, and that you are entering the correct beginning balances and which method of accounting you should use.

Guardian Accounting, Inc., is the expert source your business can rely on to answer all of these questions. The following is a short list of services Guardian Accounting, can provide you during your QuickBooks setup.

  • What QuickBooks platform is best for your business
    • Pro, Premier, Plus, Enterprise or Online
  • Software and hardware requirements are meet
  • Software installation
  • Design and setup of business structure
  • Creating chart of accounts
  • Determination of starting date
  • Entering banking information and balances
  • Entering customers and outstanding customer balances
  • Entering vendor and outstanding vendor balances
  • Preparation of lists:
    • Inventory items
    • Non-inventory items
    • Services
    • Sales
    • Sales Tax
    • Other Charges
  • Prepare trial balance to proof beginning balance entry
  • Entering all transactions from starting date
    • Reconcile all bank, credit card and loan statements
    • Review and proof accounts receivable
    • Review and proof accounts payable
  • Prepare trial balance to proof current balance entry

We work to ensure that your transition is completed in a timely manner to get running efficiently with your new accounting software.

QuickBooks Training

As with any new program, training is vital. QuickBooks provides training packages and online videos to assist you, but many times these are in a one size fits all format.

Guardian Accounting, Inc. provides you with a one-on-one training program with your specific industry, skill level and needs in mind. We understand that training will take time, so we work to ensure you are provided with the exact knowledge you need so you can get back to managing your business.


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